3rd International Short films Festival. Terms and conditions

The Municipality of Olavarría and the Short films Festival organization Committee invite film makers around the World to participate in the 3rd edition of this event, to take place in the city of Olavarría, Argentina, from July 9th to July 12th 2009 with the aim to promote and expand audiovisual arts.

A- About the Authors
1- Film makers around the world are invited to participate.
2- Each author will present only one short film per category, which hasn´t been presented in previous editions of the Festival.
3- In case an author presents more than one short film, he/she will have to enclose them in separate envelopes as described in ´C´.

B - About the work
1 - The short film must not exceed the 30 minute length (credits included) and must have been filmed between 2008 and the current year.
2 - The piece must be presented in Spanish. If Spanish is not the original language, it must be translated or subtitled. The latter should be part of the image (embedded in the still film)
3 - The topic of the short films is free. Fiction, animation and documentary shorts will be accepted. Each production should be listed in the corresponding category.

C- About the presentation
1 - 2 (two) copies must be presented in DVD format, pal standard, region 4 or 0 (free), each of the copies should be properly labeled with: TITLE, NICKNAME and the CATEGORY in which it will be presented.
2 - The short film must not include main menu or bonus features in the DVD.
3- The copies will be accompanied by a CD that must include:
- The registration form (attached here) with all the required information.
-The Director (s) filmography.
-Two (2) photos of the short film with a 300 dpi minimum quality.
-One (1) photo of the Director.
-One (1) image of the short film sign.
-One (1) digital copy of both sides of the D.N.I, Identity card or passport of the person or a responsible person representing the entity that is participating in the Festival.
4-Short films should be turned in before June 5th 2009. The presentation can be made in person or by mail. In case of postal mail delivery the date will be taken from the stamp. Short films sent by e-mail will not be accepted. The list of selected works will be made public on the last week of June.
The works should be sent to: Casa de Cultura y Turismo de Olavarria, Coronel Suarez 2924, CP (7400), provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working hours: Monday to Friday from 7 a.m to 1 p.m.
5- The material should be presented with a NICKNAME in a closed envelope or box, and it should be addressed to 3º FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CORTOS. Each envelope should contain:
-2 (two) DVD copies of the material, fulfilling the abovementioned conditions.
-A closed envelope with the NICKNAME on the side, and inside:
- A promotional CD, duly labeled with the real information of the participant (s).
-An affidavit where the film maker states he/she is the author of such work and the rights of use of all the audiovisual and/or phonographic materials included in the short film.
6- The mailing costs of the copies are on behalf of the participants as any other related expenses (insurance, custom tax, etc). The Festival will not cover any expense related to the mailing of the copies.

D- About the Judging process:
1- There will be a pre- selection of the material received. Those short films that don´t comply with the presentation terms, have technical difficulties or the Committee considers that threaten against dignity or human rights, or those with poor image or sound quality, will be automatically eliminated from the contest. The selected material will be directed to the areas of Official Competition, Local Short films Competition and Out of Competition.
2- The films by local authors can participate in the Official Competition if the Committee allows it, though they can´t be registered in both instances of the Competition.
3- Once selected the short films that will be displayed during the Festival the Committee will open the envelopes with the information of the participants, who will be notified via e-mail about the exhibition date.
4- The judges´ choice will be informed during the Closing Ceremony, July 12th . The winners will be notified either by phone and /or via e-mail.

E- About the Judges:
1- The judges will be designated by the Organization Committee between outstanding members of the audiovisual industry and they cannot be directly related to any member of the technical or artistic crew of the short films in competition.
2- The judges´ choice is unappealable.

F- About the awards:
1-The Judges will choose the following awards:
-Best Short Film (Olavarría Municipality Award). $ 5000 (five-thousand Argentinean pesos).
-Best National Short Film (Buenos Aires Cultural Institute Award). $ 5000 (five-thousand Argentinean pesos)
-Municipality of Olavarría Special Award: $ 4000 (four-thousand Argentinean pesos). Awarded to the director of a national short film, destined to be used in the shooting of a short or medium-length film in the town of Olavarría. The prize will become effective during the film making process which should not exceed the 18 month term.
-Best Local Short Film: (Cinematographic Industry Union Award- SICA). A scholarship that suits the winner´s interests and the Union´s availability. All expenses to attend the courses will be covered by the Municipality of Olavarría (except commuting expenses).
-Best Fiction Short Film
-Best Documentary Short Film
-Best Animation Short Film

2- The Awards can be declared deserted.
3- The Awards will be presented during the Festival´s Closing Ceremony, July 12th 2009.
4- The short films awarded should include the award mention and the Festival´s logo during the credits.

G- About the rights:
1- The film makers take full responsibility for the authorship of the material presented and promise not to present any audiovisual or phonographic material for which they have no user rights. The Committee shall not be held responsible for inadequate use of intellectual property rights on behalf of the authors.
2- The short films sent shall not be returned and, by presenting the material, the director or producer agrees to include it in the video library of the Municipality of Olavarría.
3- The Organization of the Festival is allowed to use fragments of the work of the finalists to promote future contests or activities, in any media or support.
4- All the awarded material and any other material that the Judges consider convenient can and will be used in non-profit educational and cultural areas, notifying the film makers in each case via e-mail.

H- Miscellaneous
1- Registration is free.
2- The material which doesn´t adjust to any of the abovementioned terms and conditions will not be accepted. The mere fact of not adjusting to the presentation requisites will leave the material out of the competition.
3- Foreign films should be labeled ¨ No commercial value¨ / Sin valor comercial- ´For cultural purposes only´ / Para usos culturales únicamente. If it where necessary to fill a customs affidavit and/or pro-form receipt, it should read ´No commercial value´/ Sin valor comercial, or an amount under U$S 3 (three U.S dollars).
4- All questions can be addressed in person at Casa de Cultura y Turismo de Olavarría, or by telephone to 54-2284-421186 or 54-2284-427180; e-mail: cortos.olavarria@gmail.com.
5- Any issue not addressed in these Regulations will be resolved by the Organization.

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