Jury's opinion:
Below, we give the opinion of the prestigious jury composed by Paula De Luque, filmmaker, choreographer and dancer Alejandro Seba, university teacher, designer of soundtracks, sound editor and music, and Cecilia Dopazo, actress, screenwriter and director theater, who evaluated the 29 films in Competition.

Municipalidad de Olavarría Awards:

Category ANIMATION (Prize: $5,000 argentine pesos)

Being a work of extreme creativity and aesthetic freedom, for their impeccable technical areas, its framing, its soundtrack and the flight takes poetic narration, Best Animation for:
COPIA A by Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso / Pablo Díaz (Argentina)

Special mention
HOMELAND by Juan de Dios Marfil (Spain / Czech Republic)

Special mention
THE MYSTERY OF FISH by Maccelli Giovanni (Spain)

Category DOCUMENTARY (Prize: $5,000 argentine pesos)

Because they are united by a deep social commitment, a high sensitivity in the treatment of the topics covered, and how to get involved in their films on the stages of the facts, the Best Documentary prize is shared between the short:

ASÄMARA by Jon Garaño/ Raúl López (Spain)
YELDA, THE LONGEST NIGHT by Roberto Lozano Bruna (Spain)

REGISTRO by Juan Pablo Oliva (Argentina)

Special Jury Mention

SOLO…10 CÉNTIMOS by Ana Teresa Yi Soto (Perú)

Category FICTION (Prize: $5,000 argentine pesos)

As a work that, with a great economy of narrative, achieves a compelling story that sums up the pain of detachment through the use of a crude picture, a moving interpretation and implementation of an intelligent camera, Best Fiction for:

HRANICE by György Kristóf (Czech Republic)

Special Jury Mention

EL ENCARGADO by Sergio Barrejón (Spain)

Special Jury Mention

LOVE FLAT by Andrés Sanz (Spain / USA)

Special Jury Mention

5 RECUERDOS by Oriana Alcaine /Alejandra Marquéz (Mexico)

Special Jury Mention

NIÑO BALCÓN by Pilar Palomero Delgado (Spain)

Category LOCAL SHORT (Prize: $1,000 argentine pesos)

Being a work that puts into focus the human condition of finitude, the passage of time, inexorable.
 And where is addressing these issues with a proposal very personal aesthetic and narrative in which the brand stands director, Best Local Short film:

FEBRUARY 10 by Juan Pablo Masson/Paula Popp (Olavarría, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Special Jury Mention

EL HÉREO by Matías Carrion (Olavarría, Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Best Score
Bernardo Francese y Fernando Chiesa (COPIA A, Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso/Pablo Díaz -Argentina)

Best Cinematography
Javier Agirre  (ASÄMARA, Jon Garaño/Raúl Lopez -Spain-)

Best Performance

Alejandra Lorenzo, Eduardo Uceda, Iñigo Navares (EL ENCARDADO Sergio Barrejón -Spain-)

Best art and image post-production
Sonia Alio y Andrés Sanz (LOVE FLAT, Andrés Sanz -Spain / USA-)

Best Screenplay

Roberto Lozano Bruna (YELDA, THE LONGEST NIGHT –Spain-)

Best Editing
Raúl López (ASÄMARA, Jon Garaño /Raúl López –Spain-)

Instituto Cultural of the Province of Buenos Aires Award

BEST NATIONAL SHORT ($5000 argentine pesos)

Social commitment, sensitivity, authenticity, risk. Crossed by a legitimate document genuine cinematic resources, Best National Short:

REGISTRO by Juan Pablo Oliva (Argentina)

SICA Award (Film Industry Union Argentina)

Grant for training in the vocational training center for the short:
10 DE FEBRERO by Juan Pablo Masson/Paula Popp (Olavarría, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Distribution Agency " UP TO 30 MINUTES" Award

Prize: Free distribution in the circuit of international festivals of the best short national

REGISTRO by Juan Pablo Oliva (Argentina)

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